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Re: [IP] Help! I can't get sofsets in!


You didn't mention which area you are using to try to get the softsets in so 
here are a couple of suggestions you might try.  If you have been trying your 
stomach area without success you might want to try your hip/rear end area to 
see if that is any better (or vice versa).  Also, I find sometimes (for 
myself) applying heat (a heating pad on low) to the area I am trying to 
insert in is helpful.  I don't know why but for me the warmth seems to help 
lesson the pain and ease set insertion.  Pinching up the area of skin you are 
trying to insert in may also help. Trial and error usually are the most 
helpful ways to figure out what will work for you but you must be soooo 
frustrated trying set after set with no success.  I hope this helps and your 
set problems are over soon.

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