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Re: [IP] Re: Bad day

Aww John, Bless your heart ...
Maybe your wife needs to share with you as badly as you needed to share,
I don't know how long you have been married by my soulmate and I have been
married going on 32 years. For a long time I never shared with him. He
didn't understand the moods I had when my diabetes was out of control..I
shut him out. Then came the pump and no more shutting out. We laugh we cry
we hold each other..we do what we can to help each other and mostly he is
helping my all of the time..He can change my site..take my Bgs faster than
I can ;) he is there for me when I have my siezures...he has helped me get
to the bathroom and has had to lift me in a wheelchair..Bless his heart.
sharing is something so special that i really do hope someday you and your
wife will share with each other. Maybe by not sharing it is causing alot of
worry for your wife..I don't know but if my hubby kept things from me I
would be very hurt and worried and I am afriad some damage would be done to
our marriage.
A soulmate is a wonderful person to have in your life..she is a gift and a
I am very sorry your father passed away..may this week be one also of
healing for you.
Ginny who is in love deeper today than 30 plus yrs ago and I am only 50 so
I have alot more falling in love to do :)  

At 09:28 PM 04/02/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Thank you fran for the reply.  Its just a bad day.  Guess alot going on
>right now.  Disease bothering me and coming up on the day that my dad
>died.  I loved him very much.  I'm sure that tomorrow will be better but
>I guess I needed this for some reason or another.  Trying to keep it
>from my wife.  Don't want her to worry.  Thanks again.

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