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[IP] Thumbs up for Touched by an Angel

I just watched the show with my family and was impressed by the way they 
presented the story-line. I like the way that they put emphasis on the 
symptoms. Having been diagnosed also when I was a teenager, I too relived a 
lot of the emotion during the show. It seems like so long ago now (23 years 
now) but I am happy to say that diabetes has not stopped me from having (4 
children) and enjoying my family. In fact, having diabetes is kind of like 
having another child to look after. Now that I am pumping, it is like that 
child has finally become a little more independent, but in a good way.
Through a friend who is a CDE, I just found out about a young lady of 27 
(with type 1 for 12 years) who was in the hospital for 4 days with DKA. Her 
doctor told her she could never have children. She was feeling quite 
depressed and ready to give up. My CDE friend introduced her to the idea of 
the insulin pump and suddenly there is light at the end of her tunnel. I am 
looking forward to meeting this lady and giving her my support.
In May I will also have the opportunity of sharing my experiences with the 
pump with some Doctors in our area. I am very much looking forward to this 
as well.
Helping the public and professionals become more aware of D and its 
treatment will help us all in the long run.
Carolyn Green..........Happily Pumping! :o)

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