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Re: [IP] Touched By An Angel Episode

I also saw Touched By An Angel and thought it was good.  I am grateful for 
the attention to our plight.  What I liked about it was:
1) the way they showed the middle of the night stuff
2) the sibling having his reaction
3) the grief of the parents
4) the terrible fear of complications.... "but then, every case is different"
5) all the shots and finger pokes
6) the bitter pill that it is to swallow
7) the weird social reactions of the boyfriend and coach
8) how they positioned insulin as a life support program; not a cure
I liked the ending when they did the public service announcement.  Most 
people have no clue what we go through.  It is such a marginalizing 
I cried throughout the whole thing.  My 13 year old daughter got disgusted 
and went into the other room to watch it herself!  Afterwards, she said it 
wasn't "realistic".
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