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[IP] Touched By An Angel episode

I really liked the Touched by an Angel episode tonight.  I thought it hit
many of the major glitches of a family adjusting to D that I've read on my
two lists - one parent doing all the work (I kicked my husband during the
part where he jiggles mom when her alarm goes off to check sugars, 'cause
that's the scene in our house still), secrecy (my daughter also wanted to
keep it a secret, but fortunately changed her mind within a few days, but
then again she was 8 not 15), rebellion, sports, etc.  I think Amy will get
a pump (ought to suggest to CBS that they do that episode in 6 months or
so), but the show's time span did seem to be a week or two after diagnosis,
so I guess it makes sense that she doesn't have a pump yet.  So, the
diabetes part I thought was very well done.  And I did like the JDF message
at the end.

And, I know it's always dangerous to post about politics, religion, and
which brand of pump is the best, but our family's faith has gotten us
through many of the tough spots of diabetes.  Yes, we did pray for a pump
when the endo said no at first - and within 7 months of dx, Jenna had one.
I had to trust that I couldn't control everything for Jenna, and she takes
so much responsibility at age 10, it's amazing.  So, I like that the family
in TBAA tonight also recognized that they needed God's help to keep them
focused as a family as they moved through all the changes in their lives.

Nancy Morgan

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