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[IP] Toddler pump starts

Hi Parents of very young pumpers,
I got this message from a parent on the CWD website.  Jenna was 9 when she
started pumping, so I don't know exactly what a "toddler pump start" looks
like for the young crowd.  Please e-mail either the list or me, and I will
forward it on to this parent, or e-mail her directly at email @ redacted
I've encouraged her to become a member of this wonderful group, so maybe
we'll hear from her directly.


> I was just wondering if you could tell me what a "normal" pump
> startup is like?  I mean, what all is done initially to get things
> going?  My daughter, Brooke (she is 2), started pumping on the
> 20th.  We did a week of saline trials and then switched to insulin in
> the pump on last Monday.  Since then, I have had NO contact with
> anyone from her docs office or from the pump trainer.  We were
> given a basal rate of 1u/hr (she uses 10% diluted insulin, so it's
> actually only 0.1u/hr of insulin) and were given a carb to insulin
> ratio and high bg bolus ratio.  That was it!  Nothing else.  We aren't
> fasting, we aren't calling and checking in, we aren't doing
> ANYTHING!  On top of that, they are still having me give her a
> bedtime snack every night (15gm carbs) and NOT bolus for it.  I
> asked the trainer last Monday WHEN I needed to call in the bg
> readings, etc and she told me that I didn't need to call unless we
> were having problems.  Well, how am I supposed to know what a
> problem is?  I've never done this before!!!!!  Brooke's numbers are all
> over the place (88-450 range).  I hear about all these other people
> who have been calling numbers in at least once/day and who have
> all this contact with their pump team. I guess I'm just really feeling
> like we were thrown out there with this incredible piece of
> technology...and left to dangle alone in the wind! Have you ever
> heard of a pump startup for a 2 yr old (or ANYONE) handled this
> way?  Is this normal?  I take Brooke back to the pump trainer
> tomorrow to review her log book and I am just wondering what I
> should ask (and DEMAND) of them.  Any advice or thoughts would
> be great...since I'm not getting any input from anywhere else!
> Michaele
> Oh, and by the way, I have STOPPED giving that bedtime snack
> unless Brooke asks for it...and then I BOLUS for it!  Her numbers
> after the snack without the bolus were running 350-400 all night
> and they told me NOT to do any corrective boluses unless it was
> mealtime and she was about to eat.  sigh...

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