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[IP] Touched by An Angel

This is what I'd posted in the Parents' chat room at CWD ( cutting & 
    anyone else watch the show? Melissa could not look at me while it was on, 
actually turned her face away...that's how wrenching it was for her to 
re-live those initial days...I thought it was very well-done & the few 
inaccurate parts were probably only noted by us!...melissa said even if the 
mom wouldn't have been checking every few hours & giving middle of the night 
shots so soon, it "could" be realistic in months to come...and the daughter's 
resentment, anger, confusion...and the mom's need to maintain their 
overscheduled life as an antidote was also too close to home for me!!!
    General consensus from anyone connected with diabetes is EXTREMELY 
favorable....but the real test is not how WE reacted, but rather the impact 
the show had on those who knew next to nothing about diabetes before 
watching....I'll be eager to hear feedback that others get from non-D 

Regards, Renee
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