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Re: [IP] Touched By An Angel Episode


For the most part, I thought the show was great, especially the part where 
they dealt with emotions. We all know that emotions are a big part of DM.

I watched the show and wondered why those people were testing and injecting 
all night long. The testing part I just thought that they were checking her 
overnight numbers to adjust dosages, but when they drew up insulin, my 
eyebrows shot up. ('scuse the pun)

But what made my teeth grit was the line where the father said the daughter 
had the "more serious" form of diabetes. I'm sorry. I know that type 1 is 
serious. But so is type 2. And saying on national TV that type 1 is the more 
serious form only tends to make type 2s feel that they don't have the "real 
kind" of diabetes. 

However, overall, I thought it was one of the better-done shows.

Jan, who is type 2 (and Elvis)

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