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Re: [IP] mexican food low/high

Great answer Liz.  Most normal people use a lot more than 10 U at a Mexican
dinner.  Cheri if you are hungry, eat, and  bolus accordingly.  If you're
not hungry or putting on weight then eat less and bolus accodingly.  The
secret and true beauty of the pump is the "bolus acccordingly."   It really
is OK to pig out once in a while :-) .   It's almostlike being normal!!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<Why do you worry about it, Cheri?  I think that's the
important question.
Everyone has varying insulin needs.  What is a high bolus for one person is
not necessarily a high bolus for another.

I, personally, don't like to take a lot more insulin than normal (very
often <vbg>) because I know it means I'm eating more than I should.  Since
I have a weight problem this is probably a good thing.

But there's nothing wrong with taking as much insulin as you need to cover
your food, as long as you're not eating too much food.  And if you are
eating too much food, the problem is the food, not the insulin that covers it.

Think of it this way: if you were not diabetic your body would
automatically supply you with the proper amount of insulin.  Would you feel
bad about that?

My $0.02

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