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[IP] Rapid infusion sets

Do many on this list use the Rapid infusion sets?  And, if so, what are
your experiences with them?  I just started using them 2 weeks ago and
am very pleased with them.  Prior to them, I used the sils and found
that I would get irritation at the insertion site 1 - 2 days out.  I
also had many problems with erratic blood sugars and in 13 months of
pumping had not been able to get my basal rates nailed down.  So, 2
weeks ago I switched pumps (went from MM507c to Disetronic H-tron +) and
started using the rapids and I am happy to say that I am very close to
having my basal rates set!  I do miss the quick release capability but
since the D is waterproof and I can shower with it, it seems a small
price to pay for decent, consistant blood sugars!!!  I would be
interested to hear from others who use the rapids.  Thank you!

Suzie (IDDM 27 y., pumping 13+months)

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