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Re: [IP] MiniMed question about resevoirs

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>Ok... I have been doing this now for close to 4 weeks... and my trainers
>suggestion was that for the begining I should be changing sets every 2
>I have stretched this to 2 1/2 days sometimes when I'm sure there is plenty
>of insulin in the resevoir.  Now I'd like to be able to do my changes every
>days, but I can't last that long with the amount of insulin a resevoir in
>"standard?" position holds.  I use 1 unit per 10 carbs and use between 24
>28 units of basal a day.  I was wondering if any folks using hte minimed
>changed the factory setting on their pump to allow the resevoir to hold
>larger amounts of insulin?  My trainer commented that usually only very
>people needed that setting.  Does the tip of the resevoir get in the way
>it sticks out?  Thanks for your suggestions.

Sharon, I have been using My 508 for three months going on four.  I think I
am  real close to finishing my fourth box of sets.  I have been able to go 3
days with less than 150 units in the pump but I have had the adapter out for
probably at least 90 % of the time.  I have not had a problem with the tip
of the reservoir catching anything.  The one time I caught anything.  I
decided to go out into the warehouse and I had been moving and bending.
This caused my shirt to pull out along with the tubing.  As I went threw a
door I turned and caught the tubing on the door latch.  Having the tip in or
out of the pump would have made no difference.

I think getting three days from a set if possible is well worth taking the
adapter out and being sure you have enough insulin.

Tom Carlson

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