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[IP] RE: minimed question about reservoirs

i change my site, the actual canula part, every 3 or 3.5 days. however, i 
leave the reservoir and tubing on the pump till the reservoir runs out of 
insulin. that usually takes 5-6 days. i fill the reservoir up to 300 units (i 
keep about 6 in the fridge loaded and ready to go) and just let it go till 
it's empty (or close to. seems i use a lot less supplies this way!

pumping 3.5 months

>I'm not sure I understand why you wouldn't change everythign and how you'd go
>about not changing everythign at once... I was told and its really the only
>way that makes sense, to disconnect the QR, take out hte resevoir, put the
>new one and softset inplace.. prime and while i wait for it to  prime I tkae
>my old site out, and then insert...
>How would you be sure to be properly primed and not using more or less
>insulin than you anticipate  if not  changing all at once?

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