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[IP] Re: MiniMed Questions about resevoirs

Let me first say that I am not yet pumping (awaiting insurance approval) but 
I did wear a 507 for 3 days with saline.  I take an unusually large amount 
of insulin, especially since I am not an extremely large person (somewhat 
overweight, but not extremely overweight) My CDE said that I would be 
removing the resevoir converter so it could hold the full 300 units.  So in 
my 3 day trial, I wore it like that.  The little neck does stick out quite a 
bit, but it did not get in the way for me.  I didn't wear it on my belt, I 
wore it in my pocket so when I bent over it would not get in the way.   Hope 
this helps.
Hope to be approved soon!!!
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