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[IP] Pumps and Porto Potties

I just had to share what happened to me today.

I normally put my pump in my pocket.  Which I did to day.  We went to an 
event today in which they we're using porto potties.  Well I had to go and 
so off I went.  So did Steve and he was in the "stall" right next to 
me.  Anyway, I hear this noise, like something banging, as I am pulling my 
pants down.  I finally figured it out and said "oh s*(*&t". Steve's like 
what's wrong.  As I am pulling up on the tubing to get the pump out of the 
potty, I told him my pump just fell into the can.  I can only imagine what 
our conversation sounded to those people waiting to use these lovely 
facilities.  I was so grateful that this was at the beginning of the day, 
hence things weren't to full and that my tenders stay in so well.  Few, 
that's one pump I wouldn't have been chasing after.  <VBG>


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