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Re: [IP] mexican food low/high


Yes, I too have always felt that I would never take 10 units.  I usually take 
4 units for a meal and the most I have ever taken was 6.5.  So just last week 
I kept having high bs when I got up and then discovered they were liver dumps 
from the middle of the night.  After the second morning I was really upset 
because I am always until about 1 PM until I had any control again.  So I 
just said the heck with this I'm taking 10 units and testing and eating if it 
brings me down too fast.  I was nervous about it but I did it.  Guess what?  
It was perfect.  Now I know you said for one meal and I don't think I would 
do that for a meal unless I was already around 300 at which time I wouldn't 
eat anyhow.  I just thought that since I was so scared to take that many 
units at once that I would mention it.  I too try to stay at 30 units a day 
because of weight control that 10 units to me is 1/3 of my daily total.  
Everybody is different and to some 10 units may be what they need.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping
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