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[IP] For women....Progesterone & elevated BG

Last Thursday, I began  using a prescription dose of progesterone cream for 
perimenopausal symptoms for day 11 through 23 of my cycle and have noticed my 
blood glucose numbers are up in the 200's.  I had already changed my basals 
to the "program A" I have used previously for the week before my cycle 
begins, but it seems with the increase of progesterone since Thursday my 
numbers are still high.

Today I again increased my basals and are hoping for better results.  I hate 
increasing the basals so high because it seems I gain weight almost 
instantly! I'm feeling so fat :)

Can anyone confirm that it is probably the progesterone causing the BG 

Thanks in advance for the help.
Liz  (I just turned 40! yikes)
dx'd Type 1 @age 35 pumping w/MM 508 since 11/99
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