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[IP] Help! I can't get sofsets in!

I am so frustrated, and just wasted 6 infusion sets trying to get 
sofsets in without the sofserter.

I seems like the needles just sort of bounce off my skin, or go in 
part of the way and then wont go any further.  Whats going on? I've 
tried both techniques for manual insertion in the instruction booklet 
but neither is working well for me.  No matter how hard I push or 
how fast I try to wham it in, it gets stuck, bounces, or sort of just 
barely squeezes in 1/2 way.

I suppose I could just use the sofserter but I dont want to rely on 
something that could get lost or break, nor do I want to carry it 
around with me forever.

Any suggestions or tips? I cant believe how many sets I wasted 
the last couple set changes trying to get it in manually only to wind 
up using the inserter.


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