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Re: [IP] nails

I am so glad you brought up this issue. One of the investigative TV
reporters in Atlanta did a report on the nail salons. These salons are
suppose to follow a procedure to sterilize thier equipment to prevent the
passin on of hepatitis and HIV. The only way to prevent this is to either
use disposable tools or to clean in a special solution PLUS autoglave the
The heat will kill the viruses. HIV can be on the tools and if they are not
cleaned right it can be given to another person when doing the cuticle work
I never thought of that. The nail places are suppose to be inspected by the
state health dept here in Georgia but of course there are not enough
inspectors so these places can get away with not doing things right. Also
along with hepatitis and HIV fungal infections can be passed on to others.
Make sure the tools are sterilzed in the right way..that they have been
inspected recently and thier score. They are suppose to post that. And just
be careful and cautious. Or to be really safe invet in your own tools and
sterilize them at home.
I am to reactive to use any of the chemicals used in artificial nails or in
 nail polish/removers etc. But I LOVE to see them on people
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