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[IP] D increments

Hi Charisma,
I know YMMV and all, but Jenna's D pump has been set in .2 unit increments
from the beginning, and it's really QUITE tolerable, and lets us fine tune
so much better.  With her insulin sensitivity, .2 units drops her 25 points,
so we wouldn't be able to correct a high sugar until she was like, 225.  And
Paddy's younger than Jenna (she's 11 soon), so you might find there are just
times when the fine tuning is worth the little extra hassle of pushing the
button a few more times for boluses.


<<Changing the D pump to  .3 or .1 increments would make it intolerable to
count up boluses any other time, and he got to have some time free of his
pump which he REALLY liked and needed. >>

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