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[IP] Drop Zone and pump

Yesterday was the Charlotte, NC area's JDF Walk for a Cure.  My kids had a
blast using their free Carowinds (big amusement park - where the walk is
held) tickets.  The only ride that made me think was the Drop Zone - it has
a strong warning at the beginning of the ride that the braking system used
"powerful magnets" and that anyone with pacemakers, hearing aids, etc,
should not ride if they couldn't remove those items.  So, I had the two
pumpers that I was chaperoning disconnect and leave their pumps with the
attendants before they rode.  Any one know if the rides that involve the
open seats being raised up to the top of a pole, then "dropped" (I'm sure
every amusement park calls them something a little different) really hurt
pumps?  The folks at the ride seemed non-plussed about holding the pumps,
and I told them with the JDF walk being there that day, they would probably
see a lot more of these little boxes before the day was out.

I must say, the free tickets to the park for walkers was a great idea.  The
two kids I had with me who walked, but weren't my kids, asked if they could
walk again next year (undoubtedly for the tickets, not the stroll....)  The
two kids with D both needed much less insulin during the day - both had
their pumps disconnected for part of the day 'cause their sugars were low.
But we had a wonderful time!  Hope JDF collected a lot of money!

Nancy Morgan

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