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[IP] Newspaper Interview

Hey Folks!

I had an interview with another local paper (The Morning Journal this time,
out of Lisbon, Ohio) on the subject of pumping - I'm really pleased with the
results.  The reporter brought a photographer, we talked for three hours, &
she had really done her homework...she knew the questions to ask, she was
very familiar with terms like hypoglycemia & dawn phenomenon, basal & bolus,
MDI, etc.  I was impressed with her research & thoroughness overall.  The
article came out in today's Sunday edition...big color photo, nearly two
full newsprint pages, & she offered a box with resource information,
including the following paragraph:

        A teen-ager's father seeking information started the Web page
www.insulin-pumpers.org/ now
    expanded to about 2000 regulars who provide each other with information
and support in pump use.
    Some of the advice carries the caution YMMV (your mileage may vary), a
reminder that individuals
    may react differently.

While both companies are referred to in the article, the layout suggests
very strongly that I am using a MM (I'm not) - they placed a large image of
the MM 507C at the framebase of the photo of me holding my pump, & mine is a
bit difficult to see due to the light reflecting off of it.  Still...the
focus of the article was the fact that people should be aware that they have
CHOICES - in medical treatment, in physicians, etc., & I think it really
covered that well.  I also really liked the fact that she did not make it
sound as though pumping was only an option for Type 1's...the last interview
I did pretty much limited it in that fashion.  In the Health-Fitness section
of today's paper, the primary focus was on diabetes & pump therapy,
including four different articles relating to the subject.

Here's to good reporting!


P.S.  The downside is, very shortly after the extensive interview time
(which was directly after a long Monday's work for both my husband &
myself), we were in process of throwing together a late dinner when we recei
ved a phone call from the ADA, seeking people to distribute awareness fliers
& letters.  My husband (with hands full of dinner materials & still in his
work clothes) was, I fear, a little abrupt in informing her that his wife
was doing her share in promoting public awareness & was NOT interested in
participating any further tonight!  (We diabetics are not the ONLY ones who
may get grouchy when mealtime is delayed!!  :)

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