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Re: [IP] MM 508 Failed...need support

>they(MM) are the best game in town, so you are stuck with them<......

Well I have to take issue with this comment made by Lindsey.  If MM is the 
best game in town, why are their pumps failing?.  It sure seems like a lot of 
people on this list have had to send their MM pumps back.  I went to a 
Disetronic pump 7 years ago after having problems with my MM.   I haven't had 
one problem with my Disetronic pump.  In my opinion, which is based on 
experiences with both pumps,  the Disetronic pump is by far superior.   And 
now that Animas is out we (pump users) will have more choices.  I urge you 
all to research the pump (and your comments) before before making black and 
white statements and especially before putting $5,000 down for a pump.   

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