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Re: [IP] mixing insulins and protein

Hmm... there is a long post on this in the archives, but anyway....

draw the V first -- it is the smallest amount. Get rid of all the bubbles 

carefully draw the H, don't allow any of what you draw to go back into 
the H bottle. 

Drawing the smallest amount first promotes good mixing, that is the only 
reason to do it that way. We've never found the absolute accuracy of the 
amounts to be a big deal, just get as close as you can without a lot of 
hassle. Lily draws 50 u of V then 250 u of H.

Pretty simple

On Sun, 2 Apr 2000, Holly Nelson wrote:

> We are going to attempt to mix insulins today for the first time.  We will
> be mixing H & R.  I have gotten some really great advice from emailing
> another person privately, but I am curious how other individuals do the mix.

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