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Re: [IP] mexican food low/high

This is something that my Doctor and I discussed... he told me that I can't
be perfect on my diet all the time.  If I wanted to go and blow things all
to hell once and a while... he had no problem.  His only commandments were
to make sure you had five days of good control before you do it, take
humulog 15 mins before eating... and test and take a correction dose every
MONTH!!!  His philosophy is if you don't indulge every once and a while it
makes for a very unhappy, person... and he believes that a little bad every
once and a while won't kill your numbers.  My A1C is evident on that... I
went three months without indulging... had an A1c... went three more months
indulged once a month and my a1c was less than the previous one.

Now I am on the pump... I don't eat what I want, but my Mother's birthday is
coming up... and she would never feel comfortable eating a piece of her
birthday cake when I am there.  I have discussed this with my Doctor... and
he has a plan for me to do a dual wave bolus to take care of this.  In some
ways it's a gift for both of us.

My Doctor's dietitican team explained how mexican food works and how pizza
works too.  It hit's in three waves... the first wave is the instant hit
from the glucose... the second comes from when the starches are broken down
the third is when the fats are broken down to glucose.  You have to bolus
according to how your digestion system works.  That's how the dual wave
bolus comes in so darn handy.


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