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[IP] Cereal!!!!!!AIGHHH!!!! And that monthly thing...

I've seen a few others complain about this.  I hate freaking breakfast
cereal.  I am not a morning person, it's very rare that I even eat
breakfast, little own think about it.  (My CDE expressed dismay over this by
saying 'You need to eat breakfast, it helps level your blood sugars all
throughout the day, I don't recommend skipping it.')  I don't care what she
says about that  - no offense to her at all - but again, I rarely ever eat
breakfast, and haven't experienced any problems yet because of it.  (It's
real easy for me to test my basals because of it too).

Until this morning.  Hubby and I went to an auction this morning around
nine, so he woke me up, and I decided that I was hungry enough to chow down
on some cereal.  (I have experienced the following before, but at least this
time it didn't end up in a blood sugar of a 400 or something).

I ate a cup of Raisin Bran Crunch (44 g CHO) and one cup of soy milk (10 g
CHO).  So that makes a total of 54 - right?  Then I bolused 4 units for this
meal.  Two  hours later I was a 245!!!!   And like I said, I've experienced
this before.  Doesn't matter what kind of cereal it is, it happens - Raisin
Bran (yes, I know it probably spiked a bit due to the raisins), Special K,
Rice Krispies, whatever, it always does that.

Now, for my question - unrelated of course!!!  VBG   I am about a week away
from the beginning of my monthly period.  I am starting to notice now that I
am on the pump that my sugars are much higher in the evenings, but my basals
are decreasing in the afternoon the closer I get to it.  I have made some
changes already.  Is this a common phenomena?  I was told that they would
most likely need to be upped a bit right before and possibly during my
period, and am wondering what some of you gals have done or do to deal with
this.  (I don't mind replies from the guys either, but if you are
experiencing menstruation, you should get yourself to a hospital quick.
VBG).  I'm guessing my mileage is gonna vary since everyone is different,
just seems to be a bit of a pain in the derriere.

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