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Re: [IP] Laser tag and pumping

On 1 Apr 00, at 20:53, email @ redacted wrote:

> Liz went with some friends to play laser tag. I had her disconnect from her 
> pump and leave it with me before she went in because I didn't want to take a 
> chance that the lasers would zap her pump. Does anyone know if it's safe to 
> keep a pump on in this situation?

The lasers used in laser tag won't damage, interfere or otherwise be noticed 
by the pump.  If a laser powerful enough to zap a pump were even available 
in a packaging anything like a laser tag gun the military would be using them. 
 They've been trying for years to produce such a critter - but the best 
they've been able to come up with are rather large, require a lot of 
electricity, a big tank of chemicals, or a nuclear bomb to fire the laser.  
This means that military lasers aren't usable for many things period 
because it costs too much per shot to fire them...

"Laser" is another one of those words that people read too much into - your 
CD player contains a laser, and your CDROM drive or DVD drive probably 
contain mulitiple lasers...  And then there are the "laser pointers" that you 
can buy at most discount, hardware and drug stores for less than five 

Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Computer Science and Religion make for a 
strange mix of knowledge...  but it's funny how much of each field is useful 
in surviving diabetes and making use of the available technology...  Speaking 
of off topic technology - have any of the amateur radio operators on the 
list taken advantage of the upgrade window between now and the 15th?  

Hope everyone has an uneventful changeover to daylight savings time!

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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