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[IP] mexican food

Linda wrote
> We counted all the carbos, feeling we were right on target 
> and about 2 hrs later he was 56...maybe we didn't count 
>  carbs correctly so we gave 2 glucose tabs and a cup of milk.
> Well, this morning he came in at 322. 
>  Could it be the fat in the food?  

yes .  Speaking from New Mexico where I have been indulging in all kinds of 
cheese laden tamales and enchiladas covered in god knows what kinda of sauce. 
 It is more than likely the fat slowing down the absorption of all those 

Next time, do  just like you did...count up the carbs....and take HALF of 
them when you normally would take all of them...then give the other HALF 
about 1 1/2 - 2 hours later (YMMV).  If you h have a MNMD, you can do a 
square wave or dual bolus, OR do like I do...take 1/2 the bolus with the 
meal, then put in a temp basal for the next 3 hours that gives the rest of 
the bolus

For example.  today for lunch, I was 112 before meal.  I had a chicken 
enchilada and a green chili cheese tamale with black refried beans, a whole 
wheat sopapilla...and a diet coke...roughly 75 carbs and god knows how much 
fat or protein...If I AVERAGE 15 grams = 1 unit, that would be a 5 unit 
bolus.  I took 3 units when my plate showed up (didn't bolus in advance cuz i 
had been low in the morning and didn't want to take a chance that the service 
was bad and slow....Then about an hour after I ate, I put in a temp bolus of 
1.0 for 4 hours....my regular basal at this time is .5, so I got the 
additional 2 units of my lunch bolus spread out over the next 4 hours...3 
hours after meal I was 99, 4 hours after meal I was 107...5 hours after meal 
I was 141...must have been that lifesaver I ate w/o bolusing.

Trust me, I am not ALWAYS that good....but it seemed like a great example for 
Kevin and you!!

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