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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #54


Tell your husband to go ahead and give it a good try, at least 6 months, I 
bet he won't want to give it back once he gets the hang of it. It has changed 
my life!!  I take very small amounts of insulin and used to run so low all of 
the time that I needed glucogon quite often.  Haven't seen a severe low since 
I started pumping 3 months ago. 

I'm quite active too.  I show dogs and do lots af walking and aerobic type 
excersizes.  It takes a little getting used to wearing it but often you can 
take it off while working out. 

The freedom to live how you want to and not have to follow the timing of your 
short and long lasting insulin peaks all of the time is wonderful.

Tell him too, that if he is very lean and muscular to make sure to get the 
short canulas as they are much more comfortable.  I like the MM Micro 
Softsets myself.

Good Luck.
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