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Re: [IP] mexican food low/high

I wouldn't be quite so quick to blame the meter reading (although I'd
certainly keep an eye on it).  Another possibility (and this is quite
definately a YMMV deal) is that the exercise from the basketball caught up
with him later than it usually does, and he really was 56.  I've had the
delayed exercise effect happen to me and cause 'inexplicable' lows as much
as 5-6 hours later (this was before I started pumping, but is none-the-less
what happened).  I also seem to have a liver that doesn't know when to stop,
and if I got a 56, the glucose dump would hit me and keep me high forever
(it seemed).  If Kevin's symptoms happened to me, I'd chalk it up to:

    Exercise hit later than usual or used unusual muscles
    Bolus for dinner hit on time
    Glucose from dinner was absorbed/digested more slowly because of a
higher fat content
    Beans, especially, seem to digest more slowly than one would expect,
even if they don't come with a high-fat meal
    Carbs from dinner and snack hit along with the glucagon dump and the
combination caused the AM high.

If I were still growing (I was dx'd at 12) I'd also have the are you in a
growth spurt/changing hormone balance factor to contend with.

I think you all and Kevin probably did everything right -- it's just that
Kevin's body didn't read the diabetes book -- mine never did either :)  The
whole episode would have been way harder to cope with if he wasn't pumping.

Just my take on it.  Kevin's mileage may vary.

Kathy Trondsen

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