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[IP] Non-Diet Coke

Could not figure out why my sugars were suddenly going haywire the last 10
days.  Usually after sitting at the computer or while driving.  Last night I
noticed that my daughter was drinking a can of caffeine-free Coke Classic.
Asked her where she had gotten it and she replied it was one of mine.

Now, I drink caffeine-free diet coke for fun, liquids, and daily survival
(diet coke junkie).  I drink regular Coke Classic to treat lows.  I never
really look at the can, just the color.  Real=red, diet=golden.  Well, it
seems we bought the wrong golden case of soda.  I have been drinking, and
not bolusing for it, caffeine free Coke Classic - 33 carbs per can - when I
am in the car or the other place I use cans, upstairs at the computer.  No
wonder I had real weird sugars.

The highs were easy to treat, but just couldn't explain why they were
happening.  To mis-quote GI Joe (and my kids really wish I wouldn't quote
him at all) "Now we know, and knowing is half the battle."

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