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Re: [IP] mexican food low/high

On Sat, 01 Apr 2000, Linda wrote:

> Just wanted to get any ones oppinion on what happened here. We went out for 
> Mexican food last night and Kevin was 136. He had been playing basketball 
> before that, but not extremely hard.  He had a chicken taco, bean, rice, 
> tortilla chips with salsa and one order of nachos (yes, this 12 year old can 
> eat..lol) and an ice cream. We counted all the carbos, feeling we were right 
> on target and about 2 hrs later he was 56. We thought maybe we didn't count 
> carbs correctly so we gave him 2 glucose tabs and a cup of milk. That always 
> seems to hold him through the night. Well, this morning he came in at 322. 
> Could it be the fat in the food?  What should I do next time?

I suspect the meter might have had a misreading when you got the 56 -- perhaps
an insufficient sample or an odd test strip.  In some Mexican restaurants (the
best, IMHO) foods are fried in lard rather than vegetable fat.  I don't know if
that makes a difference.  Higher fat in the food can certainly affect BG, but
that much seems a little *too*much.  Of course, sometimes our bodies just
decide to throw us a curve . . . just to keep us humble, I think.  8-)

Jim Handsfield
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