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[IP] Re: bedtime snacks

Recently Sam Skopp opined:

>Just curious... I used to ritually have a snack every evening when I was on 
>MDI. Now that I'm pumping however, a snack after dinner is purely optional. 
>If your basals are set right, why would you need to have extra carbs to 
>carry you through the night?? Just wondering...

The way my dietician explained it: it's better for the body if it has a more
continuous supply of energy than most people get. Rather than three big
hammer blows, one should have continuous taps throughout the day. Now that's
unrealistic, of course. But having between-meal snacks is actually a good
idea (so there, Grandma!), and a bedtime snack provides energy to keep your
body happy all night long. It's not very active overnight, of course, so you
shouldn't need a big snack, but some carbo is fine.

It's not so much that your body needs the carbo to keep your BG level up
overnight--that's what your basals are for, now that you're not doing
injections--but that your body has an energy supply when it needs it. Also,
between-meal snacks keep you from developing the hunger at mealtime that
tends to make you overdo things.

But I don't always snack at bedtime myself... which surprises me. I was in
the habit of a bedtime snack for nearly 40 years, but while we were figuring
out basals, my endo suggested I cut out snacks altogether, just to make
things easier to track. Now I snack when I feel I need it, but can let it go
if I don't. Yay, pump!

--Keith Johnson
  email @ redacted
  40 yrs D, 7 months pumping
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