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Re: [IP] sex suggestion - most definitely offensive


At 09:23 AM 4/1/2000 , you wrote:
> > Does anyone else experience BG Levels to change one way or another after

I was never too concerned about after - During is a different story - not 
being sure if I was low and unwilling to take the time to find out......

>I drop as much as 40-60 pts after sex and have had sever lows afterwards. I
>test 10 minutes after sex and hope I'm still in my 90's or have a snack of
>15 g before sex. My sugars are under tighest control possible (A1C is a 5.4
>and accurate). But I also never suspend my pump and wear mine on on arm to
>aviod tangling it up, altho my hubby sometimes gets attached to me and we
>laugh at "tubing tie-ups".

The "tubing tie-ups" reminded me of another comment with a very specific 
meaning.  It's been several years since I heard about Tangled Tubing - 
specifically related to 2 pumpers in a relationship.


Jim S.
email @ redacted
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