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Re: [IP] how much to prime cannula for sils?

well, sue/michael...

this would explain why geneva has had such good BGs after a site change ever
since we started using the 1.0 unit prime.  at beginning we were using our
'dated' MM material which says 0.5.  geneva always was high...(and despite
the advice of leaving old set in...she almost never remembered to do this).


> Per the mfg,
> Sofset = 0.5 u
> Sil/Tender/Comfort set = 0.75 u, 1 is close and commonly used
>    0.8 is almost exact

>>> It is also a YMMV type of thing. >>>has used 0.8 to prime, and
> rarely will climb over 150 post site change.

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