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[IP] sex question - to suspend or not

>So why suspend the pump?  :-)  When I disconnect from the pump for various
>activities (including, heck actually ESPECIALLY sex) I don't suspend the
>pump.  Unless you have a phenomenally high basal rate, very little insulin
>is wasted (in my case, 0.5 units/hour) and the beeping drives me nuts.


It's not a case of suspending.  I use a D, & I was taught that when you
disconnect (for bathing, sex, set change - whatever), you put it into "stop"
mode...makes sense to me!  That way it's not pumping insulin for a body that
is not connected to it (& recording that as part of the day's insulin
intake), & I  don't end up with little drops of insulin on the outside area
of my tubing end when I go to reconnect...I HATE the smell of it!!  :)

The beeping is not really something I'm aware of if I'm "otherwise
occupied"...maybe because I'm a music teacher, I've become very adept at
filtering sounds!  (A survival technique, in this particular field!)


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