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[IP] eye doctor appt. update

well, i got my test results from my flouricine angiogram. nothing wrong. i 
mean, i do have those three spots in the center of my eye, but none are 
leaking, so he does'nt believe them to be a problem unless they start leaking.
 i have to go back every three months now. however...we have made an 
interesting discovery. the culprit of my eyesight problems may be my make up. 
it's been a coincidence but before i started having problems i didn't wear 
make up. then, i started my internship and wanted to look more "grown up" so i 
wore it every day.  that is when i started having problems. at the peak of 
those problems i quit wearing it because i was rubbing my eye so much, and 
using so many drops.  the problem went away. i wore make up twice this week 
for job interviews. the problem came back. could be a coincidence, but we'll 
see. the weird thing is i use almay hypoalergenic make up. the doc thinks i 
may be allergic to whatever makes it hypoallergenic. weird, huh?

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