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Re: [IP] sex - most definitely offensive

I can have a high BG level, disconnect from the
>pump, have sex and it drop to around 120.  I can run about 80-90 have sex
>and it raise to around 120.  Does anyone else experience BG Levels to
>one way or another after sex?


I am not a doctor (nor do I play one online), but based on practical
experience here, this is my theory.  Since you don't specify what "high" is
in your situation, let's say it's...mmmm....somewhere around 180.  (I
confess that this is not in my own high range, but I thought it made sense
given the other #'s you are working with here.)  If it is high, then you
disconnect for sex, & afterwards it is around 120, then the exercise factor
therein likely dropped you around 60 points.  Now if you were starting out
at 80 & "exercised"  :)  at about the same activity level, it could drop you
60 points...down to 20.  Since the body has this great (?!) defense
mechanism fondly referred to as the Glucose Dump, when you start to dip way
down your liver may throw some glucose into the mix, which would elevate
your BG.  Now when my liver graciously offers me this kind of a bonus, it
sends me up higher very quickly...I don't know if there is a "standard rate"
since, as always, YMMV.

Another idea: some people have posted that certain kinds of exercise or
exertion bring their numbers down, while others bring them up - maybe yours
hasn't quite made up it's mind  :)  or is effected by other variables.
Either way, a 30-40 point shift may not be cause for concern, since the
numbers you describe seem to be in a good range.  (Disclaimer: Yes, I do
know that "good range" is a widely varied concept...just an IMHO statement
here.)  If you are concerned, you could experiment a bit with snacking
beforehand if you are on the low end, to see if that helps maintain.

And don't be hesitant to ask...some of us are extremely hard to offend
(those who are not do have a "delete" button), & your question is very
valid.  Check out the archives & you might find other people's opinions or
experiences about this in past threads.


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