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Re: [[IP] Silhouettes [was: sex question]

>How would I go about getting one to try...I'd like to try it before getting
>a prescription and a whole 3 months supply of them.  Do I contact minimed??
>>This was already suggested by somebody else, but the Silhouette (aka
>>or Comforts) are much better than SofSets in this, and other, regards

Call the companies...I'd try both companies (or even all three, if you
contact the folks who make the Comfort), & tell them you would like some
samples to try out before making a decision on switching infusion sets.  I'm
a D user, but I've also comtacted MM for samples/info in the past & they've
sent them to me as well.  The only problem there was, they sent no
instructions on how to use them!  :)  Fortunately, I believe there are
easy-to-follow directions on the webpage.  (If I'm wrong here, someone
please say so, & point in the right direction!)  The company phone #'s for
this kind of inquiry should be available on their respective webpages...may
also be on ours, I'm just not remembering (pre-coffee here) if that's so.


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