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Be careful, was: Re: [IP] how much to prime cannula for sils?

Careful folks ....

Metal needle infusion sets, such as the Disetronic Rapid, the Classic, or 
the MiniMed Bent Needle sets *DO NOT* require priming the needle after 
insertion, unlike the Silhouette, Tender, Sofset, etc. which *DO* require 
priming the cannula after insertion.

With metal needle infusion sets, the needle is already filled with insulin 
when you insert it - there is no "dead space" in the needle.

With Teflon based sets, such as the Tender, etc. there is "dead space" in 
the cannula created when you remove the metal introducer needle. This space 
must be filled with insulin after inserting the set - hence the need for 
the small "priming bolus". If you don't fill the cannula by priming it, the 
first bolus of .5 - 1.0 units will simply push air out of the cannula, not 

BTW, when I use Tenders, I prime 1.0 units if my BG is in the normal / high 
range, or .5 units if I'm in the low range (my Disetronic pump is set for 
.5 unit bolus increments). My body usually doesn't understand / appreciate 
precision enough to be fussy about the difference between .75, .8 or 1.0 
unit when priming the cannula <g>. Sometimes I'm wrong, usually I'm correct 
- it's diabetes, so sometimes it surprises me :-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Michael's dialog with Ruth went like this:

>On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Ruth Schneider wrote:
> > WHEW!!
> >
> > thanks michael....so why does it say 0.5 on the D page?
> >
> > just curious...
> > ruth
> >
> > > Per the mfg,
> > > Sofset = 0.5 u
> > > Sil/Tender/Comfort set = 0.75 u, 1 is close and commonly used
> > >    0.8 is almost exact
> > >
>I'm not sure, but I believe that 0.5 u is used for the bent needle and
>rapid sets, perhaps someone else can provide that info -- maybe from the
>package insert. The SofSet and Sil/Tender/Comfort I am sure of.

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