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[IP] medical ID

A few years ago we discussed the pros anc cons, whys and whereforees of 
wearing medical ID

as a kid, I hated wearing that dog tag, and the bracelet was even worse, so 
my dad got me a gorgeous 14 k gold bracelet when I was 16 or so...He had a 
jeweler make it for me...it had a caduescus (sp) on the top, and my name, 
Diabetic, doctor name etc.  First time I worse it, I scratched it to 
pieces...Gold is a very soft metal I guess, cuz it was soon almost 
illegible...I didn't wear it much, and in fact we soon moved and the numbers 
and doctors were wrong anyway... I never wore anything again until I got the 
pump, at which point I got this relatively ugly, but hopefully recognizable 
bracelet from Medic Alert.  Mine says


I never take it off...except for my sister's wedding, and I think they took 
it off me while I was unconscious for the FIRST vitrectomy.  I had them tape 
it to my arm before I went into surgery for my appendix...didn't want to risk 
them taking it off and then going - "duuuuhhhhhh...what is this beeper 
attached to her for".....after I had already talked the anesthesia guy into 
letting me keep it!

Personally, I think we should reconsider the forehead DEFECTIVE tattoo we 
discussed a while ago...

But seriously, what is the point of wearing this medic alert bracelet when 
the people it is THERE for IGNORE it?  I have ruined many a fashion statement 
in black velvet by not taking the ugly steel bracelet off!   It scares me!  I 
live alone!  I rely on this little bracelet!  The day before I left for 
Chicago, where I ended up in ER for my appendix, I was walking to work, 
cramped over, in serious pain, and walked by 3 cops in cars and 2 on horses 
on my way to the office.  I leaned on a wall every 100 feet or so...do you 
think ONE of them came to my aid or even noticed me - and I work IN Times 
Square - a rather busy part of New York!!  HA.  Guess I need to be
foaming at the mouth or throwing food items at people to get them to see me.

I did an informal poll of New York's finest...basically I walked up to these 
Hitler-esque Men In Blue (with my hand out, like you would approach any wild 
animal), and once they were convinced I wasn't go throw rocks at them, I 
would ask:

"Do you routinely check for medic alert jewelry when you find someone 
unconscious or in an accident situation?"

Most of them, I am disgusted to say, are like, "uuhhhh, yeah sure," (meaning 
- NO).  Many of these bone heads looked at me in complete ignorance!  The 
most frightening "poll" was the evening I walked up to 3 of them (they are 
even scarier when they get together in packs...) and asked the question.  One 
of them (very blond, Aryan looking) stared at me suspiciously at me and asked 
why I wanted to know.  I said just an informal poll for my on-line support 
group.  Then he noticed my pump, since I was wearing a dress with the pump on 
my belt.  He goes, "are you recording this?" as he points to the pump, the 
little blond hairs on his neck bristling up.  I said no, told him what it 
was, receiving more blank and suspicious looks for my trouble.

So I asked, "if I was laying in the gutter unconscious, would you haul me off 
to "dry out" or would you think there was some kind of medical emergency?"  
One of them said, "well, the way you are dressed, we would probably assume 
something was wrong."  This scared me cuz I was dressed rather nice, which is 
NOT a normal thing.  Usually I am in very casual clothes...sometimes even 
raggy workout wear.  I am thinking the tattoo idea on my forehead might not 
be such a bad idea!

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