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Barb I want to know Why DR still use the three hour bg test Why not a hga1c 
It seems in type 2 it would be a better tool to get an overall idea of what 
is going on.Had a pt today who had a vascular surgery 4 yrs ago now in renal 
failure just dx today with diabetes. I could hardly stay in the room with 
afraid my mouth would burst open. In the past I have been told If I talk to 
pt about diabetes I have to make sure that they know I'm sharing my own 
experience and that I was not an RN which I did previously and after. Right 
before my pt came back from dialysis My boss told me I can only talk to pt 
about the pump and diabetes if directly asked by the pt. On top of all this 
the hospital wants us to wear T-shirts saying I love my job I take pride in 
providing the best care I can. I knew as a child I hated the hospital for a 
good reason.
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