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[IP] Tincture of Benzoine

I got Tincture of Benzoine and its cousin, Tincture of Benzoine Compound
from a local pharmacist.  (The compound is supposed to contain an
additive to make it less irritating to the skin.)  He had to order it,
but it arrived in a couple of days.  I think that a 50 ml bottle was
about $3-$4.  

I had a severe allurgic reaction to both materials and stopped using
it.  It was so bad that within hours of putting some on beneath my
infusion set, the skin would itch and turn bright red.  The discomfort
would last for a week or so, even after taking the set out and washing
my skin.

I hope your experiences are more positive.


I really appreciated your list of lessons.  Please fill me in on
Tincture of
Benzoin.  What exactly is it, where do you get it, and how much does it
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