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Re: [IP] the yin and the yang of diabetes

Hi all,
Today, at a local restaurant, a person came up to me and commented on my two
beepers.  I told him that I'm diabetic, and this is my insulin pump.  He
then told me the story of the person in his life who is diabetic, and I gave
him my pager number and e-mail address.  I tell people to page me, or e-mail
me if they have questions about the pump.  I'll be sure to refer them here.
I also tell them their doctor has to prescribe it to them.  Since I was
already up for dessert, I bought a brownie, bolused, and while eating it,
explained to him that I wasn't cheating, I was eating.  That is what the
pump offers me.  Most people are suitably impressed.

I guess this was an answer to the "poor you, you're not normal" and the "I
have a second cousin's friend's ex-brother-in-law's lawyer's half-sister who
had her head amputated due to diabetes" replies.  Now, at least they have a


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