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Re: [IP] Information category attn. Michael

>reading profiles....not an insignificant number of type 2's


I like your idea of  categorical information on this list regarding type 2's 
pumping.  In my case , the Dr. is totally supportive of my getting a pump and 
feels it will be of great benefit.
It's the insurance co. who is giving me a hard time about approval of a pump, 
even though I fit all of the criteria set forth ,except that I'm type 2.  
Before I initiated the appeal process, I called the insurance co. to speak 
directly to someone involved with the decision making process.  The physician 
reviewer who turned it down stated that he did so because of the guidelines 
for approval.  Then told me that I should appeal the decision because I met 
all the criteria.  CAn you believe that!!!!! If that's the case, why didn't 
he just give me approval and defend the decision, instead of me having to 
appeal the decision.  Now they have 60 business days to respond to my appeal 
in writing.  Information such as you suggested  could  provide us future 
pumpers with a little more ammunition.  No ducks in a row , but you can guess 
who I like to have all in a row  and they ain't pumper ducks !!!  :-)

type 2
future pumper !!!

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