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[IP] stress?

Stacy wrote:

> Yep, that was me.  I was working at a job I hated, stressed out, and 
> that is  when it happened. 

can you sue em?    <vbg>  See, now if we could figure out what exactly CAUSES 
diabetes, we could bring our judicial system all kinds of income...think of 
it!!!  we could sue our employers, our tax preparers...the public 
transportation officials...oh and the cab drivers and Bob's Catholic hospital 
nuns, for causing us stess (of course we would also have to sue our parents 
and children), or we could sue our doctors for NOT suggesting we get the flu 
vaccine, and we got the flu and then diabetes.....think of all the money we 
could generate through these lawsuits, and put into the economy, if ONLY they 
could figure out what exactly causes diabetes...

then, of course, if they figured out what caused it, and we created all these 
lawsuits, maybe there would be enough money to find a CURE!!!  They might 
accidentally stumble on something, putting Minimed, Disetronic, Lilly, 
Becton-Dickinson, Lifescan and the makers of glucophage out of 
business...bummer for them

sigh  --  just a vicious circle of un-ending riches to be made and lost.

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