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Re: [Re: [IP] diabetes easy!?]

   Excellent advice...once again, this group is paralleling the AOL breast 
cancer board, which I also frequent. A recent "dispute" arose over whether or 
not people should be grateful for having been diagnosed with cancer, because 
it's forced them to value whatever time they do have & to stop "sweating the 
small stuff". Many women concurred, yet others were still consumed by anger & 
hatred of what the cancer had stolen from them.....But the bottom line is 
that these cyber-forums afford everyone a chance to vent their feelings at 
that moment, while also respecting that the commonality of a disease does not 
guarantee a commonality of reactions to having said chronic illness. If I 
were to be diagnosed someday with a recurrence, I can't say that I'd maintain 
my positive, hopeful outlook that I maintain today. Likewise, if Melissa's 
diabetes & its complications were to impact her lifestyle more negatively, 
I'm not sure how I'd deal with that either.
    So whether a person with a chronic illness is simply "mourning" their 
loss of "innocence" and what their life used to be...OR..whether they're 
mourning being physically incapacitated by the attendant complications, it is 
still A LOSS, and it's important to respect everyone's level of "acceptance" 
& ability to move on.

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-coach/mom)
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