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I started out with Ohio State University pump program but my insurance would not cover them. Iwas very upset to say the least. My insurance is through Prudential. I contacted the customer service and they directed me to Riverside hospital, Dr. Blackman. He is an Endo there. It took me two month's to see him! What a long wait. After I saw him, he said no problem for a recommendation of a pump. I also found out that I have a hyperactive thyroid. I guess it pays to see a specialist. I didn't have any problems with the insurance (thank God!!). That was my biggest worry. I'm scheduled to go to pump training next Tues night! Everything is happening so fast, I can't believe it!! I'll keep everyone updated on my progress.

Doug Kiloklowski

P.S. I just talked to Carol Schneider from Minimed, I will receive my pump next Tues morning!!

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What a wonderful thing to happen!  I'm just beginning the process of
insurance, which pump to pick, etc...perhaps you could share some of your
experiences with me (Pitfalls, etc.)

Again, my congratulations!