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Re: [[IP] Easy disease]

I don't think it is easy, yet I wouldn't call it a disability.  To me their 
should be some middle ground.  So far it has infringed on my life only in the 
fact that I wanted to be a police officer after I finished high school.  15 
mos before that would happen I got diabetes.

I am however worried about potential limitations.  The last I heard there was 
a case in Canada where a diabetic caused an accident while driving that 
killed someone.  They were trying to get legislation to regulate giving 
licenses to diabetics.  This concerns me and any time that my right to life 
and liberty is at risk then I feel this is a disability.  I mean just imagine 
if that congressman had his way and we couldn't get syringes.  I think death 
because of such a restriction would definitely be a disability.

dx 1982 age 16 pumping since Monday
>>>>>>>I think there is a great difference between being protected by the
disability law and being considered disabled.I am dealing with both sides of
this fence presently.On the one side, I have a problem with all diabetics
being lumped into the same category and regulated by a law.Example: My son is
a diabetic and has worked very hard at his job for several years to advance.He
has done so extremely fast,but the level he was trying to reach, involved
getting a CDL license, and the law prohibits insulin dependent diabetics from
this. I don't think this is fair, he should be treated individually and on his
own health record.I on the other hand had a long, drawn out legal battle to
get disability benefits.And now after my review will probably be going through
it again. So it is like we fight a double edge sword with this disease in many
dxd 1971
pmpg 2 yrs 

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