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Re: [IP] Help with post breakfast bg spikes

Karyn -
I have the same problem! But, if I take an extra bolus so I don't get the
spike, then I'm low later. Like yesterday: 
prebreakfast 84
2 hours post 132
3 hours post 55
grrrrr ...
Today I think I'm going to try to not take the extra bolus but have more of
a protein-based breakfast and see if that gets rid of the spike. I've
tested my basals, and I stayed normal all morning, so it can't be that.
Sorry I don't have more suggestions - if you think of anything let me know!!


At 07:50 AM 4/30/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a way to fix post breakfast spikes?  I can start out
>a good pre-breakfast number, bolus, wait 30 minutes, and still have a high 
>reading 2hrs after eating.  For instance:
>            fasting bg    108
>            2 hrs after
>            eating          198
>            3 hrs after
>            eating          114
>What am I doing wrong?  I thought my basal and bolus rates were correct, but 
>am not so sure now.   Thanks in advance.
>                                                                 Karyn
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