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[IP] Re: homeschooling, multiple pumping kids, etc.

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] HOME SCHOOLING a diabetic child.........
> Just out of curiosity has anyone considered homeschooling their child because
> of the day in-day out turmoil caused from the diabetes.

> A year ago I would have NEVER considered homeschooling but now after a
> particular weary day I must confess the idea appeals more and more to
> me...........
> Sherri

In my opinion (as a teacher and a student), there are many, many benefits to
homeschooling.  If you are not familiar with the broad philosophy (ies) of the
approach, I'd suggest doing some research on it.  I don't think it's a bad idea at
all, but I also don't think diabetes should be the sole motivation.  Homeschooling (or
any schooling, for that matter) should be an adventure and a source of joy, not just a
means of escaping a yucky situation.  E-mail me off the list if you'd like to discuss

> Admitting you have a disability doesn't mean you can't have a full,
> active life, or that you can't do pretty much what you want to (look at
> the blind and amputee skiers -- would you claim they're not disabled
> just cause they can ski?? *I* can't even ski!), but it does acknowledge
> that you're dealing with conditions that other people don't have to
> think about, and that you're adapting and finding ways AROUND your
> condition, not that it doesn't exist.

I agree.  Stop taking your insulin and pretend you're like everyone else for 24 hours,
and then there's no debating whether or not diabetes is a disability!

> Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
> ps. ignore the rambling. I haven't slept in two days due to Jess site
> infection, Joes coughing and now his catheter fell out last night. So we have
> bgs of 600 and mod. ketones. ( I've already called our endo!!)

Hang in there!  Sounds like a rough, exhausting week for you and your gang. : (

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